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Pandora Charms

About PANDORA Jewelry

Each piece of PANDORA JEWELRY is handcrafted in sterling silver or 14K gold with superior Danish design.

PANDORA JEWELRY stands out because of its superior detail and design, the quality, and the unique threaded bead system. The patented threading system makes the PANDORA JEWELRY bracelet unique (U.S. Patent Number # 7,007,507). Each bracelet is divided into three parts by small threaded bridges. Each charm is made with threads, which allows for charm placement within the PANDORA bracelet segment of your choice. In order to hold the charms in place simply place two clips over the middle two threaded sections. The clips are opened by gently sliding a nail into the side corner of the clip’s crease. To close the clip, simply pinch both sides together. The charms can still move freely and will rotate slightly with your wrist’s movement. The closure of the bracelet is the barrel, which is unique to PANDORA’s style and design.

 PANDORA JEWELRY bracelets make the perfect gift for any occasion; for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or just because. These bracelets are especially good gifts for those who hard to shop for because you will always have something to purchase for them for future gifts. The PANDORA JEWELRY bracelet stretches over time as weight (e.g. charms) is put on the bracelet.

PANDORA JEWELRY's feminine universe of jewelry is made for you to create, combine and design. Choose from a multitude of charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and watches to effortlessly express your style. PANDORA JEWELRY is carefully inspected before it leaves the hands of our goldsmiths. The highest standards and best material are always used. Only the finest 14K and 18K gold, sterling silver and carefully selected gems, stones and cultured pearls are used, in a craft that combines century-old craftsmanship with modern thinking and beautiful design.

PANDORA offers a complete range of high quality jewelry ranging from charms for the PANDOR A bracelet concept to a universe of jewelry with rings, earrings and necklaces. PANDORA jewelry has become known for its high standards of craftsmanship and modern design.

PANDORA JEWELRY frequently made with beautifully crafted motifs and elegant details combined with precious stones like topaz, sapphires, amethysts and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Our jewelry can be combined to create unique and meaningful moments.  The PANDORA JEWELRY woman always carries her own personal story; each element a reminder of her unforgettable moments. PANDORA JEWELRY’s designs are feminine, using precious metals and genuine stones. Precious metals paired with genuine stones reflect femininity, memories and romance.

PANDORA JEWELRY is high quality jewelry made with genuine materials and precious stones. Each piece is hand finished using traditional craftsmanship. PANDORA JEWELRY’s designs are timeless, modern and romantic, with strong links to love and family. Today, this legacy of handcraftsmanship continues. Our 3,000 PANDORA JEWELRY workers receive one to three years of specialized training in the art of PANDORA JEWELRY. Every handcrafted piece of jewelry is touched by 30 to 50 craftsmen and is fashioned with unsurpassed workmanship.



Unforgettable Moments

Unforgettable Moments is something unique to every woman. The secret behind our success is that each piece of handcrafted PANDORA JEWELRY provides the opportunity for women to create their own signature style and express their own unforgettable moments. PANDORA JEWELRY’s Moments collection includes beautifully handcrafted charms made in sterling silver or 14K gold with genuine gemstones, providing limitless possibilities for styling and mixing to match both the occasion and personality. The combination of Moments charms on a fabric, leather, sterling silver, or 14K gold bracelet or necklace is a unique celebration of the PANDORA JEWELRY woman and her unforgettable moments.


PANDORA Bracelets

Telling your story on your PANDORA bracelet all starts with selecting the style of bracelet you prefer. The most popular choice, the barrel clasp bracelets and necklaces, come in sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, sterling silver with 14K gold clasp and solid 14K gold. We also have the lobster clasp, multi-strand clip station and bangle bracelets that come in sterling silver.

Another great option is our leather and chord bracelets. We have a color for everybody to choose from to fit their individual stylish needs. Our braided and smooth leather bracelets with sterling silver clasps are available in single, double and triple wraps. You can add any of our PANDORA charms or clips to these bracelets to create a unique, trendy look.



14K GOLD AND STERLING SILVER Charms: Our 14K Yellow Gold charms are perfect for any piece of your PANDORA jewelry. Whether you have the sterling silver, two-tone, or solid 14K gold bracelet, the gold charms will look beautiful on your bracelet. All of these PANDORA charms are made with 14K yellow gold with various precious and semi-precious stone accents, enamel, and murano glass. Choose from a variety of solid gold charms, as well as open work charms.

The remainders of our charms are made with Sterling Silver 925. Choose between the solid sterling silver charms, or charms with enamel or stones to tell your story on your PANDORA jewelry.


GEMS & CZ’s: Adding a touch of sparkle to your PANDORA bracelet is sometimes exactly what your jewelry creation needs. Our Pave’ Lights charm features 94 pave’ set Cubic Zirconia (CZ) stones. We also have a variety of charms to choose from that have just one or a few cubic zirconia if you are looking for a more subtle sparkle.  From pearls, to cabochon-cut precious stones to diamonds we have will absolutely have the perfect piece to add to your PANDORA jewelry creation.


MURANO GLASS CHARMS: The PANDORA Murano Glass Charms are an excellent way to add a pop of color and more personality to your jewelry. These handmade charms are each individually unique so they may vary slightly from the images of the charms shown on the website.  The designs and colors are within the glass, not painted on the outside and they feature a faceted exterior. Each bead is made out of either solid 14K gold or solid sterling silver and then hand set with the Murano Glass. There are a variety of Murano Glass charms to choose from ranging from solid colors, designs, and even seaglass.


DANGLE CHARMS: Add dimension to your PANDORA bracelet with one of our beautiful dangle charms. These feature dangling charms, stones and glass come in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, or a combination. These PANDORA charms are certainly eye catching and add a whole new level of fun to your charm bracelet.


CLIPS AND SAFETY CHAINS : PANDORA clips and safety chains are a great and smart addition to your charm bracelet. PANDORA clips are hinged and designed to clip over the two threaded areas in that divide your bracelet into thirds. These clips prevent the charms from moving throughout the bracelet and keep them centered in the sections you want them to stay in until you fill your bracelet.

PANDORA safety chains keep your charms secure on your bracelet. To use, you will first simply thread one end of the safety chain on the bracelet first, add your charms and then thread on the other end of the safety chain.


SPACERS: Spacers fill the gaps in the bracelet and add color.



A brand new and innovative concept:  The ESSENCE COLLECTION consists of a new sterling silver bracelet with an assortment of delicate hand-finished sterling silver charms, each representing a personal value. There are currently 24 charms available and the collection will be expanded with more charms over time. Each ESSENCE COLLECTION charm has its own specific value engraved on the sterling silver core, allowing the customer to create their own meaningful designs and express the essence of who they are. The significance of each individual charm is attained through the use of symbolic stones, colors, patterns and finishes.

The bracelet and charms are made from genuine sterling silver. While some charms are designed in plain sterling silver, others are adorned with a variety of stones, including man-made stones and cubic zirconia stones. Natural color variations may occur from one gemstone to another; this is a characteristic of the stone material and part of what makes each one unique.



PANDORA offers a large selection of rings, including stackable rings with gemstones, stones and cultured pearls, giving you endless possibilities to mix and match the pieces to fit any occasion.

The PANDORA Ring category consists of two sub-categories:

  1. Stackable rings that can be combined with other rings to make multiple different looks
  2. Coordinating rings, which are standalone pieces that are not stackable, but worn on their own

Each of PANDORA’s rings is available in sizes 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8.5 and 9 (Euro sizes 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60) with sterling silver, two tone and 14K & 18K gold options

PANDORA Earrings

PANDORA’s earring concept allows you to combine your favorite hoop with your favorite pendant, creating your own, distinctive look. You can also choose from a range of unique studs and hanging earrings, matching any occasion.

Choose from multiple pendants that can be worn together to create your own unique look. Coordinate and match your earrings to your other PANDORA jewelry. Change your jewelry to wear for any occasion. Studs in sterling silver, two-tone and 14K gold are also available that match many of PANDORA Moments Charms.


PANDORA Necklaces

Our range of necklaces and pendants cover a great variety of materials and designs. Mix sterling silver and 14K gold with tow-tone necklaces and add pendants and clips to express your personal style. PANDORA offers chains in multiple lengths and precious metals, which can be used with pendants or charms from the MOMENTS collection.


Black Crown Diamond Watches

Our premium quality, stylish Swiss-made watches are adorned with a heat-enhanced black diamond in the crown. The collection includes interchangeable watches, enabling you to combine bezels and straps to create your own unique and personal time piece.

All watches are 5ATM-water tested to 50 meters (165 feet) which is suitable for showering or swimming in shallow water.

The Black Crown Diamond Watch Collection signature is a rose cut black diamond in the crown of the watch. A rose cut is a method of faceting the stone so the top of the stone is dome shaped and covered with 24 triangular faces.

All of the Black Crown Diamond Watches include the three-year international warranty and certificate.




Where is the jewelry produced?

All of PANDORA JEWELRY’s jewelry is designed by its in-house designers in Denmark and then hand finished at PANDORA JEWELRY Productions, privately owned production facilities in Thailand. The factories employ more than 4,000 highly skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths to perfect every design into a beautifully treasured piece.

Obsessed with the purity of materials, PANDORA JEWELRY now makes its own proprietary sterling silver, 14K and 18K gold, and chooses from a selection of more than 40 types of gems, including diamonds, which are all hand-set into the jewelry. The gems and pearls are individually examined to make sure they meet strict PANDORA JEWELRY quality benchmarks.


How often does PANDORA have new charms added to their collection?

PANDORA JEWELRY has quarterly releases of new products, keeping the line fresh, inspiring, and collectable.


How long has the company been in operating?

PANDORA JEWELRY was started in Denmark in 1982. The PANDORA JEWELRY line opened the North America stores in 2003.


What defines PANDORA Jewelry’s Danish design?

There is a proud design tradition in Denmark that is captured throughout PANDORA JEWELRY. Each item of PANDORA JEWELRY showcases feminine detailing while maintaining the classic simplicity that is dominant in Danish design. PANDORA JEWELRY’s hand finished designs are globally recognized as holding to fine jewelry standards.


What other types of jewelry does PANDORA JEWELRY make?

In fall 2010, PANDORA JEWELRY debuted, Black Crown Diamond, a collection of Swiss-made timepieces with interchangeable watch bands and bezels that enable each wearer to create a look that is unique to her.




Is there a warranty on purchases?

A one-year warranty covers manufacturer’s defects, including defective clasps, loose bracelet threads and missing gemstones. However, general wear-and-tear and improper cleaning are not covered in the warranty.


What does PANDORA JEWELRY cost?

The affordable luxury collection is designed for every woman with charms ranging from U.S. $25 to more than $800 and Canadian $30 to $1,300. Rings and earrings start at U.S. $30/Canadian $35.

Are charms ever retired?

Yes, occasionally a charm is retired. In that case, it is no longer produced. However, there is a possibility that a retired item may still be available in our store. Contact us on to find out which charms are retired.


What features are available online?

Pandora International Plaza provides a wealth of inspiration for consumers including product information and design tips as well as selling all PANDORA Jewelry lines and offer free shipping within the contiguous United States.



Our Website Store:

On our website you will be able to view everything that we have to offer as an PANDORA store. We offer free shipping within the continental United States and is sent out by using priority mail which allows you to receive it within 2-4 business days.